Top Things To Do In Near Suryalanka Beach

Suryalanka beachSuryalanka Beach is the only one of its kind in Andhra Pradesh. It is eight kilometres from Bapatla in the city of Guntur. The quiet beach is far from the city and pretty untouched. The Suryalanka Beach is everything a beach lover could hope for: quiet, breezy, and away from the crowds. The Suryalanka beach looks out over the Bay of Bengal and has so much to offer beach lovers that they will never get tired of it.

Tourist destinations

The government of Andhra Pradesh has built a beach lodge called The Haritha Lodge near Suryalanka Beach. The rooms at the lodge are beautiful and cosy, so your stay will be pleasant. The prices are affordable, and you can book online. Because it is in a good spot, you can also visit many vacation spots in Andhra Pradesh. Get a house with a sea view and spend the best day and night of your life by the Bay of Bengal. If you only want to go to Suryalanka Beach, the best times are sunset and morning.

How to Reach Suryalanka Beach?

Guntur’s Bapatla train stop is seven kilometres from Suryalanka Beach. On the road, there are both state-run and private cars.

Nearest Airport: The closest airports to the Surya Lanka beach are:

  • Vijayawada: 91 kilometers
  • Rajahmundry: 284 kilometers
  • Hyderabad: 320 kilometers

Nearest train stations: Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Cochin, New Delhi, Bangalore, Lucknow, and Ahmedabad all have overnight trains to the Suryalanka beach.

When is the best time to go to Suryalanka Beach?

The peaceful beach is a great place to visit any time of year. But the first week of January and the last week of December are the best times to visit Suryalanka Beach. You can find the best way to spend the New Year.

Tips for Visiting Suryalanka Beach

Follow these tips if you want to have a great time at Suryalanka Beach.

  • Since it’s just a weekend trip, keep your bags light so they’re easy to carry.
  • Don’t forget to bring sunscreen if you don’t want to get a tan.
  • If there are only two of you on your trip, rent a bike so you can see more.

Things to do in Near Suryalanka Beach

All people should go to Suryalanka Beach and the other places close. The beach has its charm, and after you’ve dipped in the water, you can see some of the must-see spots in Suryalanka Beach. Here is a list of places you need to see near Suryalanka Beach:

Visiting temples

The famous Bhavanarayana Temple is two hours away from Surya Lanka Beach. People who look at the temple from the 1400s feel relaxed and peaceful. The building will impress everyone, and the people there greatly respect it. On the temple grounds, many green fields add to their beauty.

Undavalli Caves

The Undavalli caves are about two hours’ drive from Surya Lanka Beach. It is a single piece of Indian rock-cut building that shows how beautiful it can be. Since the year 400, the caves have stood tall. Beautiful statues of gods and the best monuments to old Vishwakarma chapatis can be found in the caves.

Kondaveedu Fort

When people talk about places to go in Suryalanka Beach, the Kondaveedu Fort is one of the first things that come to mind. From Surya Lanka Beach, you can drive to the fort in two hours on roads that are both beautiful and easy to drive on. It’s on top of a hill, so it’s a great place to see the sights and go hiking. On the way to the top of the hill, many food and ice cream stands sell the best of what the area has to offer.

The Rajiv Gandhi Park

The Rajiv Gandhi Park is a must-see if you like beautiful views or need some posts for your social media sites. It is on the edge of a historic park and has some of the most beautiful sculptures you’ll ever see.

The Uppalapadu Bird Sanctuary

Uppalapadu Bird Sanctuary is the heart of Guntur. It’s not a very well-known or visited place in Guntur. There are more than 7,000 different kinds of birds here, including the rare Painted Storks, Spot-billed Pelicans, and many others. Interestingly, some birds come from Siberia and Australia to live here. Only an hour’s drive from Surya Lanka Beach, it is a must-see for bird and nature fans.

Vodarevu Beach

If you love beaches and can’t get enough of them, another quiet beach near Suryalanka Beach in the south of India will captivate you. The distance between Surya Lanka Beach and Vodarevu Beach is 28 km. Instead, going to both of them will be a lot of fun. There are more fun water sports, swimming, and fishing here.


Take a few days off and get in touch with yourself by going to Suryalanka Beach and other places nearby. The beach’s crashing waves and sights will make you forget all your problems and give you the most relaxed and rejuvenating holiday you’ve ever had. So, why don’t you do it? Get your bags ready and go!


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