Akshat Gupta Wife, Age, Net Worth, Family, Biography

Akshat Gupta Wife, Age, Net Worth, Family, BiographyAkshat Gupta is a successful restaurant business owner in addition to being an author, screenwriter, speaker, lyricist, and poet. His most popular book, “The Hidden Hindu,” is known for its unique blend of science fiction, scriptures and adventures. Om Shastri was the main protagonist of this trilogy book. If you don’t know let us tell you that the businessman cum author attempted suicide after his marriage ended in 2014. And then he wrote a book for his son and that became the turning point of his life. 

Famous Indian cricketer M S Dhoni’s production house “Dhoni Entertainment” produced a web series based on his book “The Hidden Hindu“.

However, in this in-depth post, you will learn more about his early life, relationship, education, career, literary works, upcoming projects and more. Let’s dive in!

Quick Information Table

Height 5ft 6inch
Hair Colour Salt and Pepper
Eye Colour Black
Date of Birth 1985
Age (2024) 39
Religion Hindu
Topic Details
First Marriage Married in 2006 at age 22, lasted 8½ years, divorced in 2014, has a son named Radhe
Second Marriage Married in 2018, credited for positive life change, provided support during tough times
Career The former screenwriter in Hindi Cinema signed two movies with T-Series, two books with Penguin
Personal Life Experienced depression after first marriage, second marriage transformational, Hindu religion
Professional Accomplishments Eight films in the pipeline as of May 2023, “The Hidden Hindu” trilogy series, upcoming web series adaptation by Dhoni Production House.

Early Life

Akshat Gupta was born in Ambikapur, Chhattisgarh, India, where his family encouraged his love for literature and creativity from a very young age. He later moved to Indore, Madhya Pradesh, where his father owned a restaurant business that Akshat took over. While growing up in this environment, Gupta developed a strong passion for storytelling and language, which would later become defining elements of his career.

Education and Career

Akshat Gupta finished his primary education in his hometown before pursuing a degree in hotel management from the prestigious Prestige Institute of Management and Research. Before becoming a novelist, Akshat worked as a screenwriter in Bollywood, where he signed two movies with T-Series that are currently in production. Penguin Publishing (Popular book publisher) has also signed him for two additional books. In a May 2023 interview, Akshat mentioned that he has eight films in his pipeline.

Akshat Gupta Wife and Marriage Life

At the age of 22, he tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend. The name of his wife is still unknown as of now. However, his marriage lasted for almost 8 years. In 2014, he went through a tough divorce that changed his life forever. He has a child named ‘Radhe’ from his first marriage. In 2018 he married again. He always gives credit to his second wife for the immense support she gave him during the tough times. He was broken and in depression due to his failure in the first marriage.

Akshat Gupta Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Akshat Gupta is approximately 25Cr-50Cr. He earns through book sale royalties, restaurant business, screenwriting, web series adaptions from his books and endorsements.

Akshat Gupta FAQs:

When did Akshat get married for the first time?

Akshat got married in 2006 at the age of 22.

How long did Akshat’s first marriage last?

His first marriage lasted for 8½ years.

When did Akshat get divorced?

Akshat got divorced in 2014.

Does Akshat have any children from his first marriage?

Yes, Akshat has a son named Radhe from his first marriage.

When did Akshat marry his second wife?

Akshat married his second wife in 2018.

How has Akshat described the impact of his second marriage on his life?

Akshat mentioned that his life changed after his second marriage.

What does Akshat credit his second wife for?

Akshat credits his second wife for his success and support during tough times.

What role did Akshat’s second wife play during his depression?

Akshat’s second wife provided significant support during his depression following his failed first marriage.

How many movies did Akshat sign with T-Series as a screenwriter?

Akshat signed two movies with T-Series.

Are Akshat’s movies with T-Series currently in production?

Yes, both movies are currently in production.

How many books has Penguin Publishing signed Akshat for?

Penguin Publishing has signed Akshat for two more books.

How many films does Akshat have in his pipeline as of May 2023?

Akshat mentioned having eight films in his pipeline during a May 2023 interview.

What is the title of Akshat Gupta’s bestselling trilogy series?

Akshat Gupta’s bestselling trilogy series is titled “The Hidden Hindu.”

What genre does “The Hidden Hindu” series belong to?

“The Hidden Hindu” series is a mix of mythology, science fiction, and adventure.

Which production house is producing a web series based on Akshat Gupta’s book?

Dhoni Production House by MS Dhoni is producing a web series based on Akshat Gupta’s book “The Hidden Hindu.”

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