BigCash App Refer and Earn: Unlock Limitless PayTM Cash | Get ₹50 for Every Referral

BigCash App Refer & Earn: Play Games, Earn Cash! BigCash App is the Best Gaming App in India, offering Rs.10 cash for playing games – 100% usable. Earn big by playing popular games like Cricket, Car Races, Soccer, Basketball, Knife Hit, and more. Redeem your earnings as PayTM cash instantly. Join LIVE contests with Cash or BigCash Tokens, score higher points to win, and get your winnings directly to your wallet at the contest’s end.

BigCash App Refer & Earn

Refer friends and earn Rs.50 Free Paytm Cash, instantly redeemable. BigCash is one of the few apps providing Fantasy Cricket and other online games for real cash. Download the app now! BigCash is not on the Play Store, but you can download it via the official website or the APK link below. Just click ‘Download Now,’ and your download will start instantly.

After downloading the APK, ensure you’ve enabled ‘Install APKs from Unknown Sources’ in settings. Install the app, register, and start earning by playing easy games. BigCash App – Your gateway to free PayTM cash!

BigCash App Referral Offer | How To Get Rs.50 Free Paytm Cash

  1. Download BigCash App: Download Here
  2. Click the link to download the APK through your default browser.
  3. Install the APK, open the app, and choose “Log in with Facebook” to get ₹35 rewards.
  4. Enter your Facebook credentials and provide your PayTM number for verification via OTP.
  5. Instantly receive Rs.10 BigCash Cash in your wallet, ready to use for gaming.
  6. Navigate to the menu and select “Invite & Earn.” Share your referral link on social media.
  7. When friends sign up using your link, you’ll earn Rs.25 PayTM Cash in your BigCash Wallet.
  8. Unlimited referrals are allowed, and the BigCash App is fully trusted.
  9. Play games using your sign-up bonus from the dashboard and redeem earnings to your Paytm Wallet.
  10. Get started with Big – play, refer, and earn now!

BigCash App Refer & Earn Details

  • Minimum withdrawal to PayTM: Rs.50
  • Earn Rs.15 for every friend who joins through your referral link.
  • Next withdrawal limit: Rs.100
  • One withdrawal is allowed per day.
  • Processing fees: 9% if redeeming before Rs.500, 5% after.
  • Bloggers and YouTubers face a 9% processing fee on every withdrawal.
  • Users typically receive instant PayTM redemption; in some cases, it may take up to 24 hours.

BigCash Available Games

Beyond Fantasy Cricket, the BigCash App offers over 10 thrilling games. Use your referral or signup bonus to enjoy these games, and the winnings can be instantly redeemed to your Paytm Wallet. Just link your PayTM Wallet first to enjoy quick redemptions.

Games available:
– Cricket Cash
– Rummy
– 8 Ball Pool
– Poker
– Fruit Chop
– Car Race
– Basketball
– Soccer
– Knife Hit
– Bulb Smash
– Egg Toss
– Ice Blaster
– Fantasy Cricket
– Fantasy Kabaddi
– Fantasy Football

Have fun playing and start earning now!

BigCash App Referral Program FAQs

  1. How do I start earning on the BigCash App?
    • Begin by downloading the app from the provided link and following the simple registration process. You’ll receive Rs.10 in your wallet instantly.
  2. What’s the minimum withdrawal amount to my PayTM wallet?
    • You can withdraw your earnings once you reach Rs.50.
  3. How can I earn extra rewards?
    • Invite friends using your referral link and earn Rs.15 for every friend who joins through it.
  4. Is there a limit on daily withdrawals?
    • Yes, you can make one withdrawal per day, and the next redemption limit is Rs.100.
  5. Are there processing fees for redemptions?
    • Yes, there’s a 9% processing fee if you redeem before Rs.500 and 5% after. Bloggers and YouTubers face a 9% fee on every withdrawal.
  6. How quickly will I receive my PayTM redemption?
    • In most cases, users get instant PayTM redemptions. However, in some instances, it may take up to 24 hours.
  7. Who owns the BigCash App?
    • BigCash App is owned by WITZEL TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD.
  8. Can I refer unlimited friends?
    • Yes, there’s no limit to the number of friends you can refer, making it an excellent opportunity to boost your earnings.
  9. Is the BigCash App trustworthy?
    • Yes, the app is fully trusted, offering a reliable platform for users to play games, refer friends, and earn real cash.
  10. Can bloggers and YouTubers benefit from the BigCash App?
    • Absolutely! Bloggers and YouTubers can earn through referrals, with a 9% processing fee applied to each withdrawal.
  1. What is the reward for logging in with Facebook?
    • By choosing “Login with Facebook,” you receive Rs.35 in rewards to kickstart your earnings.
  2. Is there a maximum limit on daily redemptions?
    • Yes, currently, one redemption is allowed per day.
  3. How can bloggers and YouTubers benefit from the app?
    • Bloggers and YouTubers can earn by referring others, but they should be aware of a 9% processing fee on each withdrawal.
  4. Are there any hidden fees when redeeming earnings?
    • No hidden fees. The processing fees are transparent: 9% if redeeming before Rs.500 and 5% after.
  5. What games are available on the BigCash App?
    • Choose from a variety of popular games like Cricket, Car Races, Soccer, Basketball, Knife Hit, and more.
  6. Can I use the earnings immediately for playing games?
    • Absolutely! Upon registration, you receive Rs.10 in your wallet, ready to be used for playing games.
  7. Are there any limitations on the number of friends I can refer?
    • No limits! You can refer an unlimited number of friends, increasing your potential earnings.
  8. How long does it take to register and start playing?
    • The registration process is quick and easy. After downloading the APK, you can register, log in with Facebook, and start playing within minutes.
  9. What if I don’t have a Paytm account?
    • It’s recommended to have a Paytm account for seamless transactions. You can easily create one and link it during the registration process.
  10. Can I trust the instant PayTM redemptions?
    • Yes, users typically receive instant PayTM redemptions. However, in rare cases, it may take up to 24 hours.

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BigCash App Refer and Earn Terms and Conditions

  1. Mobile Verification: Users agree to receive OTP for mobile verification during the registration process. Mobile numbers will be verified through OTP, and the app reserves the right to lock accounts if emulators or automated systems are detected.
  2. Single Account Policy: Users cannot register with multiple accounts.
  3. Emulator Restriction: The use of Android emulators is prohibited. Accounts found to be associated with emulators will be permanently locked.
  4. Rewards Modification: Big Cash reserves the right to limit or modify rewards and games at any time.
  5. Reward Opportunities: The app is not obligated to provide specific reward opportunities or send messages to users.
  6. Geographical Limitations: Big Cash services are available only in India, and individuals above 18 years can enrol. Residents of certain states are restricted from playing, as per state government policies.
  7. Access Restriction: Big Cash can prevent access from specific mobile numbers or IP addresses deemed conflicting.
  8. Business Entity Exclusion: Corporations and business entities are not eligible for membership.
  9. Membership Limitations: Membership is limited to one individual with a single mobile number, Facebook account, and associated mobile device.
  10. Compliance: Members must comply with all terms, advertiser offers, promotions, and programs.
  11. Dispute Resolution: In case of disputes, Big Cash’s decision is final and binding.
  12. Reward Changes: Earning rewards is subject to change without notice.
  13. Forfeiture of Points: Points and rewards are forfeited if a member doesn’t log in for 30 consecutive days.
  14. Irreversible Redemption: Once used for redemption, earned points will not be reinstated.


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