Susunia Hill Waterfall: Make Sure You Know These Things

Susunia Hill Waterfall
Susunia Hill Waterfall

Susunia Hill Waterfall: West Bengal is rich in beautiful travel places and Susunia Pahar is one of them. This hill is actually located in the Bankura district of West Bengal. The Susunia Hills boasts numerous ancient temples and rock carvings, and the Susunia Hill Waterfall serves as an exquisite addition to the hills’ scenic charm.

Susunia Hill Waterfall Distance from Kolkata

Susunia Hill Waterfall is located almost 160 KM from Kolkata. You can easily reach there by car or public transport. Its great scenery will welcome you when you arrive there. The waterfall is the perfect place to dip on a hot summer day. But, be cautious because the waterfall is surrounded by rocks and boulders.

The Susunia Hill Waterfall also offers adventure activities for enthusiasts, such as swimming in the pool beneath the waterfall, rock climbing, and trekking. Visitors can explore the hills and forests surrounding the waterfall, where various species of flora and fauna reside.

The trek to the waterfall takes about 45 minutes. To fully enjoy the experience, visitors should wear appropriate shoes, and carry enough water and snacks. Visit between October to March, which is the best time to visit the hill.

In addition to the waterfall, Susunia Hill is also a famous tourist destination for mountaineers, rock climbers, and trekkers. Visitors can enjoy trekking and camping in the green forest and exploring the natural environment that carries the message of peace.

There are also many shops in the area. They sell various stone materials such as statues, bowls, and house decoration materials. This makes it a perfect place to buy souvenirs.

History of Susunia Hill

Susunia Hill is a renowned archaeological and fossil site that has yielded fossil remains of various animal species such as Asiatic lions, giraffes, and hyenas.

Additionally, the area houses the purported “oldest” rock inscription of West Bengal. A carved monolith called the Narasingha stone stands at the point where spring water gushes out of a stone gargoyle. The site is a popular destination for camping and rock-climbing enthusiasts.

Susunia village is home to skilled stone-carving craftsmen and is an essential archaeological site in the Bankura district, revealing stone age tools.

Historians believe that King Chandravarman erected a fort here, and some inscriptions from the 4th century reference a place known as Pushkarana, which was once the capital of Chandravarman. Experts believe that modern-day Pakhanna was once ancient Pushkarana.

A rock edict discovered in the area mentions that King Chandravarman, the devotee of Lord Vishnu and son of King Simhavarmana, offered the revenue of the village named “Dhoso” for the worship of his Lord Vishnu.

The rock edict also contains a symbol of a “Wheel” or “Chakra” and another line of script that experts have yet to decipher, which may be the obscure “Samkhalipi” or Conch-shaped Script.

Susunia is a popular rock-climbing destination and is located 10 km northeast of Chhatna. To reach Susunia, travellers must take the Bankura-Purulia road from Bankura town, which is approximately 13 km away from Chhatna.

Susunia Pahar Nearest Railway Station

To reach Susunia Hills, the nearest railway station is the Bankura Junction Railway Station. From there, it’s a 29 km distance to the hills, which takes approximately 50 minutes by roadway.

Susunia Hill Hotels/Resorts | Phone Number of Hotels

Murut Baha Eco Park is a popular eco-tourism destination in Susunia that offers visitors a chance to explore the natural beauty of the area. The park has a variety of facilities and attractions for visitors to enjoy, such as hiking trails, picnic areas, and camping sites. To book a visit to Murut Baha Eco Park, you can call +918906679712 or +917047779272, email [email protected], or visit the park’s website.

If you’re looking for a place to stay near Susunia, there are several options available. Kamalakanta Guest Hughes is a guesthouse that offers comfortable and affordable lodging. To book a room at Kamalakanta Guest Hughes, please call +91 9679000999.

Green Lodge is another great option for lodging in Susunia. The lodge offers comfortable rooms and is located near many local attractions. To make a reservation at Green Lodge, please call +91 9434481336.

For those seeking a more luxurious stay, Red Rock Hotel is a high-end hotel in Susunia. The hotel offers premium amenities and services, such as spa treatments and fine dining. To book a room at Red Rock Hotel, you can call +91 7797345876 or +91 6295088382, email [email protected], or visit the hotel’s website.


Susunia Hill Waterfall is a popular tourist destination in the Bankura district of West Bengal, India. It is located 160 km from Kolkata and offers various adventure activities such as swimming, rock climbing, and trekking. The area also boasts numerous ancient temples and rock carvings, making it an important archaeological site.

Visitors can explore the hills and forests surrounding the waterfall, where various species of flora and fauna reside. There are also many shops in the area selling various stone materials such as statues, bowls, and house decoration materials.

Visitors can stay at various hotels and lodges, such as Kamalakanta Guest Hughes, Green Lodge, and Red Rock Hotel, all located in close proximity to the waterfall.


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