How to Use Oyo Money?

How to Use Oyo Money?How to Use Oyo Money?

If you wish to reserve an OYO room, the OYO money wallet can help you save money on the reservation (and who doesn’t want that?). But how do you spend OYO cash? The virtual money used by OYO Rooms is the topic of this piece. You will learn what OYO money is and how to use it to make reservations and pay for things. To help you with any questions you may have, we have included some FAQs at the end of the post. Let us get into the article.

OYO Money – What is it?

One of the two virtual currencies that OYO offers is OYO Money. OYO Rupee is the additional one. It is a promotional sum that may be applied towards lodging at participating properties. City and property-specific usage rules apply to this virtual money. Its use is also restricted to booking and payment because it is a promotional credit.

How Do I Make Payments Using OYO Money?

So how can you apply it when making hotel reservations? It’s extremely easy to use, though. It can be saved without your intervention. The applicable sum is determined by OYO at the time of booking and is automatically taken out of your wallet.

This virtual currency, as was already mentioned, is location- and property-specific. So, it’s probable that some of the properties won’t be covered by it. But, it will be automatically withdrawn from your wallet when you make the booking if it applies to the hotel at which you want to rent a stay.

OYO Rooms determines the property-specific proportion of the total booking amount that must be paid from the OYO wallet. The booking amount will always be paid in full, regardless of the proportion you select (10% or 30%). These actions are carried out automatically.

OYO Money Use Guidelines

  • While creating a booking from the official website or application, you can spend 10 to 30% of OYO money on the booking amount.
  • It follows that you cannot utilise the entire amount to make the reservation.
  • Let’s say you have $1,000 in your digital wallet as an example. And you want to reserve a room for 1200.
  • Consequently, you can only withdraw a maximum of 120 to 360 yen (10% to 30% of the total cost of the reservation).

Here, comes the solution for how to get OYO money, It is awarded through various offers and coupons because it is a promotional amount. Moreover, it may be credited to the wallet after a successfully completed hotel reservation. Referrals cannot be used to earn it. It is automatically added to your wallet for promotional purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What Makes OYO Money Inapplicable?

It applies to certain cities and hotel establishments, as was already mentioned. You could use it to pay the booking fee if the hotel doesn’t take it because then it won’t be relevant.

  1. How Long Before OYO Money Expires?

The typical expiration period is between 30 and 180 days. The profile page’s expiration date can be viewed there.


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