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Welcome to the exclusive website of Digha Beach. Digha is one of the renowned sea beaches in West Bengal. Digha is West Bengal’s most popular seaside destination. The beautiful, white sand of the beach is located on the southeastern coast of India near the city of Kolkata.

Digha Beach stretches for about two kilometres and has become a meeting point for locals and visitors alike over the years. Several hotels are situated near this popular seaside resort, as well as numerous souvenir shops and water sports activities.

This beach is visited by both locals and foreigners seeking to spend their day relaxing in the sun or snorkelling in an area teeming with sea life. During peak seasons like summers, weekends are crowded with people coming to enjoy this sandy haven.

Digha Beach
Digha Beach

What makes Digha beach unique?

Digha beach is a famous tourist destination in India, because of its scenic beauty. The golden sands of Digha beach is home to various tourists from different parts of the world. It welcomes tourists from Kolkata and West Bengal too. The fact that it’s easily accessible makes it a favourite with tourists from across the globe.

People visit it during weekends and holidays, as well as summer vacations. This beautiful beach has become an important tourist attraction in West Bengal. If you are planning a vacation then do include Digha in your itinerary.

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Digha Beach Photos


Digha Biswa Bangla Welcome Gate at Night
Digha Biswa Bangla Welcome Gate at Night
Old Digha Beach Place at Night
Old Digha Beach Place at Night

Wondering what to do when you are at the beach?

There are numerous things to do in Digha. The beautiful beach has become a hot tourist destination for holidaymakers. People visit different places for different reasons, but one thing is common among all of them: they come with one motive and that is to relax. They simply want to enjoy their vacation, get away from their daily routines and unwind on the golden sands of Digha.

The waves lapping against the shore are a perfect backdrop for an afternoon nap or an evening stroll along the beach with your partner. The visitors come here to enjoy the beauty of nature with their friends and family.

Digha is a unique place in its own right. So, before you set off to your dream destination, don’t forget to visit this place. There are many interesting places in Kolkata and Digha Beach is one of them.

If you are coming to visit Kolkata then take a leisurely stroll on Digha beach at night when all the shops are closed.

The moonlight coupled with the light breeze makes for a perfect evening stroll along this scenic beach, which is often frequented by tourists from across the globe on their way to Kolkata.

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Why Digha Sea Beach is so popular?

Digha is a place of natural beauty and offers a range of activities to visitors. The rolling surf, dazzling stars, picturesque surroundings and the sights, sounds and tastes of the local fishermen’s life.

Digha is one of the best places to visit in Kolkata, especially during summer. This beach is a popular tourist destination in West Bengal because it’s located near Calcutta.

Kolkata is a popular tourist hub and a trip to Digha costs less than going international. Due to its proximity to the city, it has become an important tourist attraction in West Bengal.

Also, if you are planning a vacation then do include Digha Beach in your itinerary.
Digha beach is one of the most popular beaches in India and a favourite tourist destination in West Bengal.

It is a must-visit when you are in the city of Kolkata, the cultural capital of East India. The golden sands and pristine waters make it an excellent tourist destination for holidaymakers. It is easily accessible with adequate accommodation facilities nearby.

I would highly recommend this scenic beach to all those who are looking for a peaceful weekend vacation.

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Digha Tourist Places | Places to Visit in Digha

South-west of Calcutta, Digha is the most famous seaside resort city in West Bengal, India. Being the “Brighton of the East,” it is 187 kilometres from Calcutta and is the ideal holiday destination. A shallow sand beach in Digha that stretches for 7 kilometres has a flat grade and calm surf.

In Digha, the beach begins about a mile from where the sea begins. Natural beauty in the area is enticing and beautiful. The appeal of the location is enhanced by the casuarina trees that line the beach and the coastline. These plants not only improve the aesthetics of the sand but also prevent dune erosion. Let’s get into the blog to learn more.

The Sunset and Sunrise in Digha beach

Digha Sea Beach offers sceneries of both the sunset and sunrise. The Bay of Bengal’s salty seas reflects the sunsets and sunrises in a way that looks like it was painted there.

Swimming is very safe at Digha because the sea is calm and shallow for a mile or so out from the beach. Digha The British first learned of the region in the late 18th century while it was still known as Beerkul during Warren Hastings’ reign.

It is referred to as the “Brighton of the East” in one of Warren Hastings’ letters to his wife from 1780 AD. Digha Sea Beach offers sceneries of both the sunrise and sunset.

Also, A visitor from England named John Frank Smith fell in love with Digha in 1923 and decided to settle down. Digha gained popularity as a result of his writings about it.

He persuaded West Bengal’s chief minister, Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy, to turn Digha into a beach resort when the country gained its independence.

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The Incredible Tourist places in Digha to visit

New Digha Sea Beach

The popularity of New Digha Sea Beach among tourists is influenced by the fact that it receives comparatively few visitors in comparison to other beaches in the region.

Before it reaches the ocean, this beach stretches for almost a mile and is bordered by casuarina trees, which are a visual treat. Take a stroll along the soft, warm sand, sip some coconut water, or simply unwind in nature’s embrace while taking in the spectacular views all around you.

Be sure to take in the magnificent sunrises and sunsets that can be observed at New Digha Beach. This beach is stunning and enchanting. Also, this beach is adjacent to other attractions in Digha, including parks and aquariums.

Old Digha Sea Beach

The first established sea beach in the city is Old Digha Beach. Throughout a substantial time, this beach was the only one. The beach has, however, undergone a great deal of renovation and improvement recently.

The West Bengal government worked on several significant projects, one of which was updating the Old Digha sea beach.

There is no doubt that you will like the vantage point’s view of the ocean. A charming tiny market is found near the beach if you want to buy a souvenir from Digha.

Digha’s Hotel with Swimming Pool

5 Best Digha’s Hotel with Swimming Pool

So, here are the 5 best hotels in Digha with Swimming Pool.

Hotel Seagull in Digha

  • Address: MFC, Railway Station, Bhagibaharampur, Digha, West Bengal 721428
  • Phone: 074790 35100

Hotel Beach Point in Digha

  • Address: 103, N2 Sector, New Digha, Digha, West Bengal 721428

Hotel Royal Paradise in Digha

  • Address: Purba Medinipur, N2 Sector, New Digha, Digha, West Bengal 721428
  • Phone: 081165 62652

Abhyagama Hotel in Digha

  • Address: Abhyagama Hotel Sector – B, Block – A Dheu Sagar Beach, behind Science Museum, Digha, West Bengal 721428
  • Phone: 076018 61643

Le Roi in Digha

  • Address: MFC, Railway Station, Bhagibaharampur, Digha, West Bengal 721428
  • Phone: 074790 35100

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